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BBQ: The Original Foodie Delight

Full Rack of Ribs (1-1/2 lbs)-$12.99 per lb.

With legions of dedicated connoisseurs all over the world — including that capital of fine dining, Paris — barbecue is not only our national dish but also our gift to the world cuisine.

Its popularity, however, wasn’t always what it is now.

According to Community Table.com, by the 1980s, regional food culture — of which barbecue has traditionally been part — was losing ground to the American appetite for fast food and chain restaurants. Restaurants that had once taken pride in their on-site wood pit stoves began installing gas-fueled smoke boxes. And at the international level, American barbecue was nothing more than a kind of folksy curiosity.

However during that same decade, “foodies”, started to come into being. The term describes people with discriminating palates who eschew mass food culture and like slow, well-prepared, cuisine. They started to reverse the fast food trend.

Today, “foodieism” has become a widespread phenomenon. A foodie isn’t just someone who loves slow food but who also cares about where the ingredients come from, the strategies that are involved in preparing the dish and so on. They’re hardcore and proud of it.

Barbecue enthusiasts, in particular, are so dedicated that they are not only able to tell you, in mouth-watering detail, the difference between Memphis and Kansas-style BBQ meats. They can even sniff the air filling a barbecue restaurant and tell you with impressive accuracy what kind of wood the pit master is burning.

Coker’s BBQ has been foodie since we opened in 1999. We’ve always made our own barbecue sauce with only the finest ingredients and hand-smoked our meats to tender perfection. We’ve impressed a lot of people with our cuisine – just look over our reviews.

The only difference is that now we’re open seven days a week.

For an all- American, down-home Texas culinary experience you won’t forget, come to Coker’s!

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Here’s What Some Cokers Fans Have to Say!

Cokers interior

I am a longtime customer I have had BBQ all over the country. Texas, Kentucky, Minnesota, Florida, just to name a few. I have also had BBQ throughout the state of Texas. I have had BBQ at Cokers for over 12 years now. To me it is the best I have ever had. The ribs […]

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The Great Tradition of Barbeque Sauce

Everyone knows that a great BBQ experience has a lot to do with the sauce.  That’s what separates the men from the boys in the BBQ game. And here at Coker’s we have a great sauce that follows a great tradition.  Here’s a little history lesson. Barbeque sauce is a North American culinary speciality.  It […]

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A Coker’s Brief History of Barbecue

Full Rack of Ribs (1-1/2 lbs)-$12.99 per lb.

Barbecue is a distinctly American style of cooking with a long history. Most culinary historians believe that the word itself originates from the Spanish barbacoa. This was the term that the Spanish, on landing in the Caribbean in 1492, applied to the Arawak Indians’ method of slow-roasting meat over a tall wooden platform. This was […]

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Yummy! Here’s Meat by the Pound!!

Mmm, good BBQ

You can now get meat by the pound… $14.99~ Chopped & Sliced Brisket, Ribs, Ham, Turkey, Pork $13.99~ Sausage, Hot Link, Bologna, Whole Chicken

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