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What You See and What You Get at Cokers!

Customers Raving About Great Eats for Two Decades

Mmm, good BBQ

Mmm, good BBQ

If you’ve never been to Coker’s, you’re in for something special. We could tell you all about how every piece of barbecue we serve is made in our own smokehouse. Or how we sometimes spend as much as 20 hours cooking our meats to perfection. But we’ll let our many satisfied customers — who’ve given us rave reviews on Zomato  and Google — do that for us.

“The food is incredible”

If barbecued meat is what you crave, Devesh Argawal writes on Google that our ribs are “to die for.” Lola, another customer, reports on Zomato that “the brisket…is smoky and extremely tender, the ribs are fall[ing]-off-the-bone…the sausage is very flavorful.” And PCohen, another Zomato reviewer who has eaten excellent barbecue at restaurants all over the Southeast, writes that Coker’s has become “my ‘standard’ for BBQ.”

Meanwhile, Dustin Lowery can’t get enough of our Monster Potato side: his Google review says that “your mind will be BLOWN” by just how tasty it is. Another Google review by Andrew McQuerry lauds our desserts as “extraordinary.” And another by Kerry Wilkie says that she (Kerry)“may fly back to Texas just to come [to Coker’s] again.”

Unique atmosphere, friendly staff

Zomato reviewer Jennifer Sylvester found herself smitten by the contrast between a plain exterior and the old-school yet utterly “charming Coca-Cola [interior] décor.” And, like so many other customers, she love our service, which she describes as “gracious.” What better accompaniment to great food served fast and hot than a warm smile? Another Zomato reviewer, Shan G., writes that “[e]ven waiters not assigned to us ask how we are doing when they walk by.” Restaurant hospitality doesn’t get any better than this!

Loyal clientele

Many of our clients are regulars. One reports on Zomato that she and her husband “get take-out from [Coker’s] a couple of times a month.” Another says that it’s a family tradition: “I’ve been [going] there since I was a baby.” And yet another writes that she “would go there again and again.”

Two decades of Coker’s history

For almost two decades, Coker’s has served the best in smoked meats and other down home culinary delights to barbecue lovers from all over Texas and the United States.

Come on by and sample our scrumptious menu for yourself: we’ll be waiting for you!

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